jeudi 31 janvier 2013

destroyed smke markers

Rater efficient, not so hard to make and looking damn good at the end..

the raw material
-coins or token
- pipe cleaners
- tuft or similar brush scenic material
- super glue
- wood glue
- cellulose dope
- dark spray can
- red and yellow acrylic paint..

 twist the pipe cleaner and glue it onto the washer/coin.
 once it is dry, apply A LOT of superglue on te base of you washer and coverwith tuft... press firmly.
 repeat the process along the cleaner, gluing, applying the tugft and pressing strongly
 your superglue jaris now nearly empty.. Your fingers are badly covered with glue and green foliage, but the first part is ... done.. Bear in mind that these 11 columns took me 30 minutes altogether...
 It's time to ou out... with your spray can black.. use a regular can for cars, or whaterver cheap you have in and. spray all over the column..
 Once the paint is dry (that's the longer partof the job), dip the into cellulose dope or wood glue..

let it dry for 24 hrs. Once it's solid dry... drybrush the basein yellow, then in red.. In order to ave a top notch effect, suggest you drybrush the whole coumn in white (very lightly)


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