dimanche 26 juin 2011

Meet the French ad the Danish...

It was about time...

The Defenders of Zitadelle.

Kampfgruppe der Waffen-Grenadier "Charlemagne"

-One command squad - 5 men

-Two grenadier squads -2 x 9 men

- One PzJäger team - 4 men

- One HMG Team - 3 men

Kampfgrupper der Waffen-Grenadier "Nordland"

- One Commande element - 5 men

- Two Grenadier squads - 2 x 9 men

- One Pzjäger team - 4 men
- 1 Sniper team - 2 men

Divisionnal support:

One Tiger II
One Pz V
One Stug IIIG

Spared the Volksturm elements, cause they are somewhere down below..

mercredi 15 juin 2011

Urban Ambush

while hell broke loose in the city zentrum, a group of teenage HJ risks their life awaiting the best moment to shoot with their panzerfaust...at the approaching T-34...

Kaboum... the boys traded their pride and honour for a seat in Valhalla....

mardi 14 juin 2011

Some close ups... let's start with Ivan

sneaking inside the buildings, Soviet assault squads moves into position..
Traffic report advises traffic jam in the city centre....

on the soviet left, a T-34 Platoon, supported by assault infantry jumps forward..

in the centre, facing the "formidable" tram barricade, Soviet heavy tanks slowly progresses

While Colonel Glebov and staff are checking the general advance scheme...

Next time, the opposition...

lundi 6 juin 2011

It was... epic

Berlin - Les Murs de Braise

Played our scenario...

One full soviet Co supported by 13 various tanks

versus two depleted Platoons supported by a handfull of tanks, HJ and VS...

Great day..

Will post more piccies in the near future with a battle report..