lundi 25 janvier 2010


Been rather busy on this one over the week-end.

finished the ground floor and the roof. The fist floor and one of the towers is un WIP.

God helps, next week-end, I'll start the dome....

dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Been busy with my Reichstag

started working on the "inside".

these are couple of shots..

sounds the whole stgructure will be finished before Summer. Will now have to look for piccies of the surrounding are..

dimanche 3 janvier 2010

defenders of the Reichstag - Squad A

Finished the first Squad. Figures are scuplted by Tony "Master" Boustead.

samedi 2 janvier 2010

Happy New Year

starts 2010 with an awfull headache and a lot of projects.

First a Group build with The Guild - Battle for the Reichstag. Will start painting the W-SS defenders today.. here they are..

Soviets will follows together with vehicles, arty and the rest.
Still uncertain which set of tules to use with these...