mardi 9 août 2011

Between Lindenstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse

 Everyone can hear the clanking of Tanks tracks approaching,
during a lull in the constant shelling, civilians are trying to reach the "zitadelle" lies..

Disabled, useless a powerfull 88 canon guards the corner..
 On the Friedrichstrasse, a makeshift barricade is spposed to halt Ivan's onslaugh

 the SS flying courts are merciless toward those who lost their soldbuch...

jeudi 4 août 2011

Battle for Villebaudon July the 22nd 1944

Met last saturday at David C's place -mind you the attic is the Wargamer's dream came true..
Played a Blitzkrieg battle on the Normandy front, basically a US column due to seize a village in which a WSS platoon, sided by two SdKfz 222 and a Puma decided to oppose a futile resistance. What the US forces did not know at the time was that.. on turn 3, two Mark-IV H wer scheduled to arrive...
Great fun, great battle, great players,
the two blue bellies on the top right corner of the picc are the US players..

German deployment. One AC on each flank, the Puma in the center, HMG covering the main road, the Infantry platoon held in reserve behind the road and a Pzschk team at the crossroad.. Bloody effective.
US forces.. one Sherman platoon covering the right flank, one stuart on the left, one Inf co. in the centre...

The two sherman in the center will have a hard time during the next turn, they'll meet the Panzerschreck team hidden in the destroyed -they all are destroyed, sorry) building on the down right corner of the crossroad.

Germans will manage to delay the US advance until tun
 and the arrival of two Mark IV, which will turn the tide and cut the US AFVs to pieces in three turns..

great game