lundi 21 mars 2011

StadtBarrkikade fertig

Saturday the 19th / 08h00, assembled elements for two barricades - there will be a second one on a parallel street later - maybe next week-end..the tram cart is a proper modelling nightmare. the result is not bad however. will have to weather it..

rear view of the barricade, will have to add some bricks and rubbles..

Sunday 20th - 18h00.. Finished at last..

vendredi 18 mars 2011

This week-end's task... AGW

- sandbags
- drums
- spare doors
- planks
- bike
- cobblestone
- tram cart wreck
- car wreck
- lampost
- various size cases
- various rubbles
- RR debris..

AGW, this week-end I'll erect a Boulevard's barricade in 20mm.. More to follow.

mardi 15 mars 2011

OOB finished..

Finshed my OOBs for the Berlin - Les murs de braise - scenario..

Defenders of Zitadelle.

Kampfgruppe der Waffen-Grenadier "Charlemagne"
-One command squad - 5 men
-Two grenadier squads -2 x 9 men
- One PzJäger team - 4 men
- One HMG Team - 3 men

Kampfgrupper der Waffen-Grenadier "Nordland"
- One Commande element - 5 men
- Two Grenadier squads - 2 x 9 men
- One Pzjäger team - 4 men1 Sniper team - 2 men

Volksturm elements
- One command element - 4 men
- Three squads - 3 x 10 men
- Two HJ Pzäger detachments - 8 boys

Divisionnal support:
One Tiger II
One Pz V
One Stug IIIG

Ivan Kommt....

One mixed assault company.
made of three Infantry platoons, each with :
- command element - 4 Troopers
- three assault/shock squads - Nine mean each

Plus mortars, snipers, HMG and AT elements (ever heard of Pzfaust-armed Russkies..a couple of looters, rapists...

and the Might of the soviet army...

6 to ten T-34/85
1 to 3 JS II

at the time being, we need to be six to play that scenario (three players each side)...

We are presently three.. In case of shortage of players, we might have to reduce the battlefield (yek) or the game will be longer - don't mind, we do have eight hours ahead (opening doors 10hr00, closing time 18h00)...
the rules will be Rules of Engagement plus some minor adjustements like a random encounter table (animals, civilians, structure collapse, spare ammunition "falling from the skie"..
The more i am working on it, the more I wonder whether it will simply be "playable".... Who cares, it's a lot of fun.
And fun is the big issue isn't it?
Any comments or suggestions are more than welcomed.