lundi 5 mars 2012

Dr Oskar Dirlewanger, flanked by two Rona Officers and his radio transmitter.

"cleaning" detachment, due to burn the buildings once cleared from any resistance and potential loot..

the besieged garrison of Warsaw , W-SS soldiers

heavy support unit, MG-42 with crew

Dirlewanger's "Life-guard"

Rona Renegade Squad #1

Rona Renegade Squad #2

Dirlewanger Squad #1

Dirlewanger squad #2

Dirlewanger Squad #3..

In a future post, we'll have a look at elements from the 5th Independant Polish Para Company (Polish para Brigade) , who actually landed in Warsaw on the 06th of August and was annihilated during the harsh combats of August and September.. I know what you mean... that never existed.. Well, who knows..

Figures are 20mm painted by... me
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