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Battalion Parasol

Battalion Parasol (Umbrela) was the scouting element of the Armia Krajowa, the main Polish Resistance movement in World war II.

From 27th of September 1939 onwards, Grey Ranks (Szare Szeregi) the code name of the Polish Scout organization contributed to field the ranks of Parasol Battalion.

The unit was first organized by Adam Borys “Plug” a former Paratrooper coming from England in fall 1943. After bearing several names, the unit adopted her final one “Parasol”, Umbrellain 1944. . In the plan to liberate Poland, Parasol was due to meet and join the Polish 1st Independent parachute Brigade once landed.

Before the Uprising, the unit was renowned for numerous assassination missions, especially against Gestapo and High rank Nazi officials.

When the Polish government in London and the AK command decided – pressed by the rapid Soviet advance and the attitude of the “liberators” toward the underground units in freed Poland – to launch Operation Tempest – Burza., Parasol joined the famous Kedyw (Directorate for Diversion) units, the elite formations of the Warsaw uprising forces.

The second company - Batallion Parsol, under Captain Jerzy Zapadko “Mirsky”was tasked with scouting and assisting the Polish paratroopers Brigade.

In the early hours of the 06th of August, they deployed around the DZ located in the Plac Copernicus in the Old town.

General Bor visits the Company at the early hours of the 06th...

Bor's bodyguards.

2. Company under
Captain Mirsky

1st Platoon – Kopec

- Squad A - Luty
- Squad B – Mors

- Squad C - Bors

the heroic Girls of Warsaw, serving as scouts, messengers and Sewer rats.

Any and all crew weapon captured is immediately re-used... MGS
but also Mortars, flametrowers, not to mention the too few canisters received...

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