lundi 21 mars 2011

StadtBarrkikade fertig

Saturday the 19th / 08h00, assembled elements for two barricades - there will be a second one on a parallel street later - maybe next week-end..the tram cart is a proper modelling nightmare. the result is not bad however. will have to weather it..

rear view of the barricade, will have to add some bricks and rubbles..

Sunday 20th - 18h00.. Finished at last..

4 commentaires:

  1. looks great so far! Can´t wait to see this painted! Can you tell me where the Tram Kit is from?

  2. Beautiful, just started 20mm WW2 and looking for inspiration and tips.

  3. Tram is Military Wheels, found it at

    Still i confirm it is a modelling disaster to assemble...